10 Bloggers Over 40 to Follow Now

November 16, 2015

As you scan lists of bloggers following an online search, it feels like the blogosphere is only for the young. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Sure, top bloggers/vloggers like Aimee Song of Song of Style, and mega-YouTuber Michelle Pham are great for their respective audiences and typically dominant the headlines, but who can really identify with their lifestyle?

Thankfully more and more women over 40 are carving out for themselves a little slice of the blog-world cake, and creating a space for self-improvement, self-love, and empowerment.

We scoured the Internet to find some of the best bloggers over 40, so you don’t have to!

Here we go, prepare yourself for some truly inspiring women!

1. Mama in Heels

Mama in Heels_Blogger Over 40

Meet Mama, otherwise known as Janise, a married mother of twin boys. After a failed marriage and financial hard times she started her own business, remarried, and created a whole new life for herself. Janise blogs about her personal style, beauty product tips, favorites, and reviews, motherhood, and highlights other bloggers with insightful interviews.

2. Not Dressed as Lamb

Not Dress As Lamb_Blogger Over 40

Catherine Summers is a 43-year-old Brit living in the countryside after spending her 20s in the hustle and bustle of London. She is a proponent of the term “occasion appropriate” rather than “age appropriate” when it comes to fashion for women over 40. Summers encourages women to be fabulous at any age, and to wear whatever they like and what suits their personal style. A message we can all get on board with! Her blog is eclectic in its content, featuring her personal style, health and fitness tips, photography advice, and blogging tips to name a few. Head over to her blog to learn the meaning behind her blog name and see why she was shortlisted for the Best Fashion and Retail blog in 2015 by the UK Blog Awards.

3. The Rich Life (on a budget)® 

The Rich Life on a Budget_Blogger over 40

Five years ago Adrienne Shubin started the The Rich Life as a way for her to be creative and share her love for fashion, beauty, travel, and living in California wine country. She’s been featured on numerous publications, websites, and blogs.

4. 40 + Plus Style

40 Plys Style_Blogger Over 40

Originally started by Sylvia van de Logt as a way to inspire as many 40+ women as possible around the world, her blog has become a one-stop for all things fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. She now enlists a team of contributors to help curate content on her site to help women dress to their strengths, better understand how to dress for their body type, and to encourage dressing according to your unique style.

5. Jo Lynne Shane

Jo Lynne Shane_Bloggers Over 40

Jo Lynne is a blogging veteran; she started her original blog, Musings of a Housewife, 10 years ago. In 2014, she rebranded under her own name and primarily discusses topics related to fashion, beauty, food, travel, and fitness. Most importantly, she shares daily outfits and practical fashion solutions for moms, and keeps readers updated on the latest trends and shows ways to wear them in a way that is super stylish, yet age appropriate. Jo Lynne was even featured in an advertorial for Olay in Cosmopolitan Magazine!

6. J’adore Couture

jadore-couture_Bloggers Over 40

Kim Mitchell is the beauty behind J’adore Couture, a fashion and lifestyle blog that explores the intersection between fashion and design that she started in 2004. By day Kim is an award-winning art director for a major fashion brand, who brings her right coast aesthetic to the left coast. She writes about fashion shows, events, store openings, and her personal shopping experiences and style.

7. Girls of a Certain Age

Girls of a certain age_Bloggers Over 40

The beauty and brains behind Girls of a Certain Age is Kim France, a Lucky Magazine former editor in chief. Kim explained the purpose behind her blog so perfectly that we’ll just let her words take it from here.

“This blog is about the many Girls of a Certain Age who inspire with their style and wit and brains. It’s about figuring out a new and somewhat tweaked way to look chic and distinctive and sexy – because, as a wise person once said, the older you get, the dumber cool looks.”

8. Mz Savvy Style

Mz Savvy Style_Bloggers Over 40

After starting her own personal shopping, wardrobe styling, and closet editing business, Elizabeth was encouraged by friends to start a fashion blog. She has always loved fashion and has learned how to be stylish while being busy and sticking to a budget. These skills have motivated her to help others do the same, which is the foundation of her business and blog.

9. The Online Stylist

The Online Stylist_Bloggers Over 40

Formerly from a finance background, Amanda Start created her fashion and lifestyle blog back in 2009. She relays that a “series of serendipitous events” led to her ability to channel her passion for personal styling into The Online Stylist. Amanda is another Brit who lives on the south coast of England with her family. Her goal is to help women seek attainable luxury in their everyday wardrobe and lifestyle choices. Additionally, she firmly believes that style transcends all ages and that Mondays should start with a coat of red nail polish, and Fridays should end with a glass of champagne. Sounds pretty perfect to us!

10. That’s Not My Age

Alyson Walsh;;

Who said that you have to have youth to be stylish? Alyson Walsh, freelance journalist, has made it her mission to debunk this long-held belief. Through her blog she shares her ideas about style and celebrates inspirational women (and men) of all ages. She is also the author of Style Forever, the grown up guide to looking fabulous, where she furthers her illustrates that “it’s not about age, it’s about style. And this is for every woman who refuses to be invisible.”

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  • Debbie November 17, 2015 at 4:16 am

    Can’t believe blogger Fifty, not Frumpy was not selected. If you haven’t seen this blog, you should check it out! Great style! The cutest fashions!!! She doesn’t shy away from the highest heels, jazzy jewelry, and youthful looks that she pulls together famously!

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