12 Insanely Inspirational Travel Instagramers

January 5, 2016

Instagram has become a wonderland for searching out and discovering inspirational imagery, quotes, and people. Some of our favorite Instagramers are ones that have enviable travel schedules, often hopping from one country to the next. We kind of secretly have a love/hate relationship with them, right? 

While living that lifestyle may be exhausting for most (we can’t all be vagabonds!), the people doing it produce amazing digital postcards for us onlookers to feel inspired by the beauty our world holds.

More than anything, we’ve realized that whether you’re skipping across the Great Wall of China or walking around your local mall, you too can discover your own personal paradise.

Now that the new year is upon us, many of us are seeking out new adventures and dream travel destinations. So go on and check out these insanely amazing travel photographers and nomads, and allow yourself to be inspired!

1. That Back Packer

Aubrey is a full-time traveler, writer, and YouTuber with her husband. After teaching English in South Korea she has been traveling across the globe. Most recent travels include Greece, Italy, the UK, and the Key West.

2. The Fella

Conor is a landscape and destination photographer, originally from Northern Ireland. Impressively he has traveled to over 50 countries. His images are full of depth, muted colors, and really showcase the beauty of his subjects.

3. Triphackr

As a travel writer and photographer who has been to over 85 countries, Clint is an expert when it comes to traveling on a budget. On his blog he helps others learn the hacks for traveling more often and for cheaper.

4. Lee Abbamonte

Among world travelers, Lee is in a league of his own. He is credited as being the youngest American to visit every single country on Earth. His deeply rich hued snaps are gorgeous and entice any onlooker to want to jump in to the image.

5. The Planet D

A mother and cub walk the shores of Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada. As we continue our countdown of our top photos of 2015 we head to northern Canada where we had a chance to walk with polar bears. Photo 2/5. ———————————————————— 🐻 Who would you like to see Polar Bears with? Tag them in the comments. 🐻 ———————————————————— As we headed out for our second day of searching for polar bears we were not disappointed. We came across this mother and her cub. We approached carefully with our guide and watched them for over an hour as they played in the water and walked the shoreline in search of food. There is really something special about being out in the wilderness and witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat. We had several days up at the Nanuk Lodge with @churchillwildsafaris and can’t wait to return. #exploremb #explorecanada #fantastic_earth

A photo posted by Dave & Deb travel photography (@theplanetd) on

Dave and Deb are a husband and wife team, who have been named top travel Instagramers by USA Today, Yahoo Travel, and Forbes to name a few. As travel photographers they strive to capture every moment, and encourage others to get out in the world.

6. Kirsten Alana

Once I’ve gone through all my photos I’ll share more from my @ponantcruises experience but I had to share the view from my FAB @parisperfectrentals apartment in the 7th. Paris is my favorite city and a very special place for me because of how many great things have happened here. It’s good to be back for a short few days before going home to NYC and I am enthralled with the 7th which is a neighborhood I’ve not yet stayed in. Also, I love this building which was constructed in the 1800’s and was therefore ‘new’ 200 years ago, when the Eiffel Tower was built!! Last night when I saw the tower sparkling while sipping a glass of wine on my balcony, my eyes were moist. Such an aptly named apartment rental company, and such a fitting hashtag that they prefer: #ParisPerfect Oui oui! A photo posted by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) on

Kirsten is a luxury travel and lifestyle photographer based out of NYC. She showcases the fancier and finer side of traveling the world from luxury hotels, and exquisite restaurants.


7. Chris Burkard


Among the group, Chris is a true adventurer. Many of his destinations are in remote locations, requiring camping and traversing immense landscapes. His photography skills are genius status. Just ask is 1.1 million followers.

8. Round the World Girl

Elise is the kind of girl you just want to be friends with. Her effervescent smile finds its way in to many of her wilderness wandering grams. She also is one active girl, whether she is climbing mountains, hanging with horses, kayaking, or taking in an expansive view. She just makes you want to get out and experience nature.

9. Everything Everywhere

Inside the Flavian Amphitheater, aka the Colosseum, in Rome.

A photo posted by Gary Arndt (@everythingeverywhere) on

Gary is a two-time travel photographer of the year who has been constantly traveling since 2007, and has crossed the border of a staggering 100 countries and all seven continents. Every image in his feed has been carefully curated and is of the highest quality. 10. Cole Rise

Simplistic beauty is the name of Cole’s Instagram game. As a self-titled escape artist and renowned travel photographer he highlights the world from the way he truly sees it, allowing the viewer to escape with him. He just may be our favorite on this list.

11.  Lucy Laucht

View from the top 📷 @appogram

A photo posted by Lucy Rose Laucht (@lucylaucht) on

Photos that are saturated in pastel tones and minimalistic in their design are the creation of photographer and writer, Lucy Laucht. As a Brit in New York she gives us a glimpse in to her fashionable and fantastical world.

12. Dallas Nagata

Hawaii based photographer, Dallas Nagata White, is admired for her imagery that further enhances Hawaii’s natural beauty and wonder. Her photos range from underwater sea creatures to wide-sweeping beach and mountain landscapes.

We hope you enjoyed and were inspired by our selections for best Instragram travel photographers to follow! While checking out these amazing accounts we hope that you will also check out our feed:

Happy traveling!

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