4 Reasons Shea Butter is Skin’s Super Food

November 23, 2015

Set high amongst long leaves of the brightest green, hangs a grouping of seeds just beginning to ripen, on their way to becoming a deep wood grain colored brown. These seemingly unremarkable seeds are derived from the Shea tree, also known by its Bambara name “sii,” meaning sacred. Once ripened, these seeds will be transformed in to a historically coveted compound so powerful that it renews, repairs, and protects skin against aging and harsh climates.

Shea nuts

The Shea tree is found in West Africa, and is populous in northern Ghana. This tree is so sacred that no Shea tree can belong to an individual, they belong to entire communities. There are even historical accounts that Queen Nefertiti carried large jars of Shea butter whenever she traveled in order to maintain her legendary beauty. If Queen Nefertiti couldn’t leave home without her Shea then that’s really saying something!

Taking cues from Queen Nefertiti and cultures who have used Shea butter for a millennia, at Eavara we’ve included Shea butter as a key ingredient in our face cream. We utilize Shea because it’s highly moisturizing, provides anti-aging and regenerative properties, and protects skin from harsh weather.

Shea butter

Check out these other Shea butter benefits. You’ll see why beauties like actress Taraji P. Henson is on board.

1. Anti-Inflammatory

Recently had a rash, burn, or dare we say a new tattoo? Then turning straight to Shea is the most natural way to speedily heal minor wounds. Shea butter is rich in cinnamic acid and fatty acids like oleic acid, which reduces the effects of skin inflammation. Not only that, these acids also aid in skin regeneration! This is particularly exciting for people who suffer from eczema and adult acne.

2. Moisturizing

Raise your hand if you’ve used one too many creams or lotions that left your skin feeling greasy or oily. Pretty sure everyone has experienced this scenario one too many times. As one of the world’s best all natural moisturizers, Shea melts easily once it makes contact and is rubbed in to your skin. Leaving no greasy residue and no chance of pores being clogged. The high vitamin A and E content of Shea is what helps soften and protect skin against environmental elements while also preventing additional moisture loss.

3. Sun Protection

Minor sun protection is provided because of the cinnamic acid that acts as a filter for the sun’s rays. It’s estimated that Shea might have a SPF of four, making it a great addition to your regular sun protection regimen.

4. Restores Elasticity

Stretch marks are just a fact of life, and women have been striving for what seems like forever to rid themselves of these disliked marks. Thankfully we understand now that Shea is rich in antioxidants that are known to help restore skin elasticity. It also boots collagen production and has been used as an anti-wrinkle remedy for years.

5. Bonus: Hair Revitalizer

We’ve got a bonus tip! Not only does Shea moisturize and nourish your skin, it also can greatly revitalize your hair. If your hair is dry, dull, falling out, or damaged you should make a Shea butter mask. After using the mask you will see the vitality, suppleness, and shine returning to your hair. Now that summer swims in the ocean, lake, or river have ended it’s a perfect time to rejuvenate your hair.

beautiful hair_shea butter

Recipe: Use a nut size of Shea butter and apply evenly on your hair. Then wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave on for 20 – 30 minutes. Afterwards, shampoo as usual and apply either Shea butter conditioner or pure Shea butter depending on the dryness and damage of your hair.

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