5 Natural Skincare Tips You Just Have to Know

February 1, 2019

Many mainstream companies may have us believing that we need all sorts of chemicals in our products to have beautiful skin. In many cases, they are wrong. A more holistic route is a wonderful way for you to explore how you can heal and refresh your skin. Here are five natural skincare tips that will not only benefit your skin, but your overall health:

1. Use natural products. Avoid products that contain unnecessary chemicals that will harm your skin overtime. Focus on products that are formulated with natural oils and ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, papaya enzymes, jojoba, green algae, and shea butter.

2. Establish a routine. Throughout the day, our skin is exposed to impurities. It’s important to start the day by washing your face with water in the morning and use your skin care products every night before bed. Start by using a cleanser. The cleaner your skin, the more it can absorb the nutrients from your all-natural products. It isn’t necessary to use the same cleanser when you wake up as it can cause irritation and dehydration. Then move on to moisturizer. Moisturizing increases the skin’s elasticity, making it soft and supple.

3. Get some sunlight. It’s no secret that sun is a great source of Vitamin D. It is important to at least get 15 minutes per day. This will help you maintain healthy blood levels which leads to great skin. However, too much sun exposure can lead to dryness, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. If you do plan to stay out in the sun longer than 15 minutes make sure you’re using sunscreen.

4. Practice self-care. Your physical and mental health can show itself through your skin. It’s important to take the time to do things like establishing a healthy diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation. The healthier you are, the healthier your skin is.

5. Take shorter showers. Believe it or not, but showers can actually contribute to dry skin. It’s important to limit your showers to at least 10 minutes or under. Many of us tend to take longer hot showers especially when it’s cold out, but this can especially be drying to your skin.

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