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6 Important Nightly Habits for Perfect Glowing Skin

July 21, 2016

Coffee might perk us up the minute we hear it percolating and Red Bull may give us wings, but there’s no more enlivening way to start your day than waking up with clear, gorgeous skin.

The key to the best kind of wake-up call? Doing prep the day before. Here are 6 easy ways to get your skin glowing by morning:

1) Watch What You EatWoman chopping vegetables for salad

Too often we monitor our diets with the hope of sliding right into that LBD. But keep in mind that what we consume also directly impacts the quality of our skin. That bag of gummy bears before bed might set you back only twenty minutes on the treadmill the next day, but it’ll surely take a hit on your complexion by the time the birds are a-chirpin’. 

This is because glycation occurs when we ingest excessive amounts of sugar. In other words, that red velvet cupcake impacts your skin’s elasticity, and can lead to inflammation and enhanced wrinkles.

Avoid sweets and be cautious with carbs, and it won’t be just your jeans saying thanks when you rise.

2) Avoid Alcohol

A glass of wine a day might give you a dose of beauty-boosting resveratrol, but to get tip-top skin by morn, avoid Happy Hour altogether.

Why? Alcohol aggravates more than just a hangover: According to Dr. Juile Fridlington, alcohol dilates blood vessels (hello, spider veins!), generates dehydration, and triggers the symptoms of pre-existing skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea.

Swap that whiskey sour for sparkling water, and eschew caffeine after mid-morning: it, too, acts as diuretic, leaving your skin as puckered as a rum raisin.

3) Try a Face Mask Overnightsmiling-older-woman-face-mask-skincare

Overnight masks might not be the sexiest way to slip under the sheets, but put your vanity aside and reach for a healing mask that’ll do wonders while you sleep. Look for organic masks that are free of harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates, and aim to find a blend that contains collagen-enhancing Omega 3s and skin-brightening Vitamin C.

Pro tip: Test out your mask in advance, lest you wake up with a rash.

4) Keep Skin Clean with Fresh Sheets

Speaking of which, consistently change your pillowcases before you go to sleep. Skin goes through a dramatic process while we slumber—it sheds dead skin cells, releases toxins from the day before, and produces oil to naturally rejuvenate.

The last thing you want is yesterday’s residue rubbing against you all night, so reach for a clean sheath. Better yet? Spritz it with rosewater. As Dr. Surbhi writes, rosewater plumps, tones, repairs, and calms—all while you rest (and making every dream come true).

5) Get Some Sleep

Eight hours, that is. Operating on four hours of sleep may seem ultra-glam in our time-crunched world, but losing zzzz’s takes a massive toll on more than just your mood.

Quality, adequate sleep is key to a lustrous complexion, as it’s during this time that our body’s largest organ repairs the damage accumulated throughout the day.

Skip out on slumber and you’re bound to see it: As Dermatology Times reports, “Poor quality sleepers demonstrated increased signs of intrinsic skin aging such as fine lines, uneven pigmentation and reduced elasticity.”

Get to bed at a decent time and set your phone on airplane mode: the light cell phones emit inhibits sleep-enhancing melatonin, reports dermatologist Dr. Doris Day.

6) Cleanse & Moisturize Before Bedcleanse and moisurize with eavara skincare

Last but not least, no matter what you do or where your night has taken you, make sure to prepare for tomorrow by gently cleansing your face and following it with a fab cream.

Eavara’s Organic Age Defying Moisturizer is just what Dr. Sandman ordered: this skin-satisfying mix of botanical ingredients and rich antioxidants—like soothing Organic Hibiscus Extract and super-replenishing Organic Macadamia Nut Oilrejuvenates and invigorates far better than a Venti drip. Apply and unwind, and you’ll have a mile-wide smile by the time your alarm clock chimes.



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