6 Ways to Love Your Skin in Time for Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2016

Whether you’re part of a pair or soaring solo, having a romantic dinner with your other half or heading out with your best pals, there’s no doubt you have your Valentine’s Day all mapped out—the reservations set, the dress and heels selected, the hairstyle perfected. But there is no accessory greater and more important than the one you always wear: The skin you’re in.

This season of love, you want to look and feel your best—youthful, radiant, luminous—but you also want to do so intelligently and naturally. Say goodbye to the gimmicky quick-fixes and hasty habits of your youth by practicing these six ways to love your skin just in time for Valentine’s Day—and all the days to follow:

1. Revitalize Your Skincare Regime

We may be in the dead of winter, but there’s no better time to spring clean your skincare routine. In our eternal search for flawless skin, we fall prey to purchasing every new product that promises perfection—and often do so without conducting proper research. As a result, our bathroom shelves are crammed with products that wreak havoc on our health. One by one, inspect the list of ingredients on everything from your moisturizer to your makeup. Does it contain parabens or phthalates? Toss it in the trash—both have been linked to a range of negative side effects, from infertility to birth defects. Does it include petrolatum or paraffin? Out these go as well. Nonrenewable and impossible to metabolize, these impurities have been shown to lead to hormonal imbalances, clogged pores, even cancer. Products containing sulfates, artificial dyes, or anything else synthetic should be disposed of too, as they can lead to fatigue, dizziness, allergic reactions, and more. Keep in mind that your skin acts as a sponge, so what you apply is directly absorbed into your bloodstream. Safeguard your overall health by investing in just a few quality products that are sourced in nature, devoid of irritants, and brimming with potent antioxidants.

2. Fatten Up

6 Ways to Love the Skin You're In Before Valentine's Day_avocadoWe pass on the buttered popcorn, demur on the French fries, protest pastries. Which is smart thinking, when it comes to our waistlines and our fine lines. That said, you’ll look better bare if you introduce healthy, essential fats to your diet and skincare regime. Avocados are rich in potassium and oleic acid—the chief fat in olive oil—and result in brighter, suppler skin. Foods like tuna, almonds, and flaxseed are packed with Omega-3s that hydrate your skin and aid in elasticity. Coconut and kukui nut oil promote cellular restoration, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. And don’t forget about the beauty benefits in that heart-shaped box: Chocolate increases collagen production, diminishes wrinkles, and triggers neurotransmitters that are responsible for happiness. (Just make sure it contains 70% Cacao or more!)

3. Snuggle Down

Yes, yes—we’ve heard it all before: Skimp on sleep and it’ll show on our face. We also know that 6-8 hours are ideal to properly rejuvenate. But beauty sleep does double-duty when it’s paired with a gentle cleanse and an evening application of a nourishing face cream. With their blend of botanical plants and powerful antioxidants, natural, organic facial moisturizers work while you rest by repairing damaged dermal cells and soothing your skin from the day’s stresses.

4. Shea It Like You Mean It 

Consider it the king ingredient in natural skincare. Or, rather, queen—rumor has it that Queen Nefertiti rarely went anywhere without a jar of this magical cream. High in vitamins A and E, it moisturizes, protects, and reenergizes, leaving you with a gorgeous glow and kissably-soft skin—a perfect target for Cupid’s arrow.

5. Spoil Yourself with Flowers

6 Ways to Love the Skin You're In Before Valentine's Day_plumeriaValentine’s Day isn’t complete without a bouquet of beautiful stems. This year, think beyond red roses to flowers for your skin. Plumeria—or frangipani—is an exquisite blossom that’s ubiquitous in the Hawaiian Islands and synonymous with dewy skin. Known for its curative powers and heavenly fragrance, it supports cellular regeneration, tones, and tightens. And if you go with roses, go wild: Wild rose extract lightens pigmentation and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and pits so that eyes remain where they should—on your skin and lips.

6. Get Steamy

6 Ways to Love the Skin You're In Before Valentine's Day_kissing coupleExercise your way to a more youthful complexion? You bet. Consistent cardiovascular exercise gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing, which are vital to healthy skin cells and natural detoxification. Yoga, sex, Tai Chi, and swimming increase circulation and ease stress—the biggest culprit of sallow skin and wrinkles. What’s more, exercise floods you with endorphins, thereby bolstering your immune system, decreasing pain and tension, and boosting your mood. And besides radiant skin, nothing quite says true love like a genuine smile.

Eavara’s Age Defying Moisturizer promotes all of these benefits of natural skincare and more. Drawing on abundant products from paradises around the world, our unique, organic formula has been clinically proven to promote anti-aging and restore vibrancy. Its blend of coconut and shea butters noticeably diminish fine lines and wrinkles, while avocado and kukui nut oils function as natural emollients to hydrate, plump, and polish the skin. Plumeria and wild rose extract do more than pack a pretty scent—both enhance overall texture and invigorate the complexion. And as advocates of pure beauty, the ingredients in Eavara’s Age Defying Moisturizer are wild-harvested, eco-sensitive, and free of harmful, synthetic additives. After all, roses are red and violets are blue—and there’s no greater gift you can give yourself than an all-natural you.

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