8 Organic Anti-Aging Ingredients that Work Wonders

July 7, 2016

The last decade and a half has seen a boom in fresh, organic food. Kale has become all the rage; Whole Foods locations have multiplied across the country with the velocity of Starbucks, and the farm-to-table concept has gone from a niche market to a global craze.

There’s no doubt about it: we know organic food is good for us, and we’re willing to pay top dollar to get our hands on it.

A desire for wholesomeness extends to our beauty routines, with a recent survey revealing that 54% of women want similar, all-natural qualities in their skin care. But given the rise in organic skincare products, searching through the surplus of information on natural options can leave a person’s head spinning.

Ready to go green? Here are eight of the leading ingredients to look for in your organic skincare products:

1) Organic Jojoba Seed Oil

Distilled from a nut that grows on a wild shrub throughout the Americas, jojoba seed oil bears a striking resemblance to sebum—the waxy, protective substance produced by our skin glands that’s stripped when we wash our face or, say, go for a swim. jojoba-seed-oil-organic

When jojoba seed oil is applied, it functions as a natural softener in a non-greasy fashion, replenishing what’s lost by dryness and irritants. So similar is its structure to our glands, that jojoba seed oil acts in a similar manner—sealing in moisture and operating as a protective shield against pollutants and weather.

2) Organic Shea Butter

Shea butter has been a mainstay in skin care for hundreds of years for a reason: the natural emollient—and one of Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti’s legendary beauty secrets—is extracted from a nut as well, only its oils are taken from the Shea tree of Western Africa.

With its high concentration of indispensable natural ingredients—from Vitamin E to allantoin—Shea butter is an antioxidant-rich savior for fine lines and wrinkles.

shea butter-shea nuts

3) Organic Grape Seed Extract

Grapes aren’t just great for sangria: these tasty gems are a boon for complexions that have endured the effects of photoaging. Recent studies out of Kaiser Permanente Hospitals in San Francisco show that grape seed extract holds terrific amounts of “proanthocyanidins”—antioxidants that safeguard the skin against sun damage.

What’s more, grape seed extract tightens skin and replenishes dry, flaky patches.

4) Organic Seaweed

Seaweed for the skin? You bet, little mermaid: In 2014, the Dermatology Times showed that this ocean splendor—and potentially renewable resource—increases collagen in its facility to enrich “fibroblast expression of integrins,” which naturally enhances thickness.

Translation? A salve for sagging skin and wrinkles.

5) Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil might just take the cake as the most cherished organic oil today. As prevalent in contemporary culture as petroleum jelly was in our grandmothers’ days, coconut oil is the definitive go-to source for dry skin, thirsty hair, and parched nails (not to mention its many wonders in the kitchen). coconut oil_transition skin care to spring_eavara

Look for it in your skincare products, as there’s an explanation behind the recent splash this ancient remedy has made: According to dermatologist Dr. Peter Lio, organic coconut oil—that which hasn’t gone through chemical refining—strengthens the skin barrier and acts as an antibacterial. (Coconut cream pie, anyone?)

6) Organic Arnica Montana Extract

Nope, this isn’t an obscure pop star from Big Sky Country; rather, Arnica Montana, which has been used by supermodels before runway shows for its flushing effects, derives from a European mountain daisy and is known for its amazing ability to clear acne and improve circulation.

The result? Glowy, Heidi Klum-like skin that’s worthy of a close-up.

7) Organic Hibiscus Extract

hibiscus extract-flower

Hibiscuses aren’t just one of the crowning jewels of the Hawaiian Islands: this vibrant herb (yes, herb) contains organic surfactants known as saponins that can naturally cleanse your skin.

Additionally, according to dermatologist Dr. Joel Schlessinger, hibiscus acts as an “epidermal multitasker that conditions skin, reduces inflammation, and delivers antioxidant protection.” In other words, forget the vase: we’ll take this blooming beauty for our face.

8) Organic Plumeria

Perhaps best known for appearing in many of the beautiful leis of Hawaii, plumeria—or frangipani—gently scents organic products without the inclusion of the harsh chemicals commonly used in perfumes. Even better, this velvety flower contains a number of curative powers, from supporting cellular regeneration to toning and tightening through the lingins it possesses.AMAZON PHOTO3fix1

A chief ingredient in Eavara’s Organic Age Defying Moisturizer, plumeria is nature’s way of sharing that proverbial aloha.

Discover your own version of paradise in our clinically validated organic products, where “natural” is always tantamount to beauty and lasting health—no trip to Whole Foods required.


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