How to Banish Dry Winter Skin the Natural Way

February 4, 2016

The winter months not only affect our environment, our commutes, and daily activities (we’re looking at you Blizzard Jonas), but also can have a drastic affect on our skin. This is especially the case for women over 40.

Between hopping from freezing outdoor temperatures to toasty warm indoor ones, our skin is exposed to many extremes of hot and cold during winter. Making it a no brainer as to why we see rampant changes in our skin, from breakouts to dry and dehydrated skin.

Fear not ladies, for there are ways that you can fight and win against the winter skin dry-out!

1. Very Hot Water is Not Your Friend

winter skin tips_avoid hot water
While it may be extremely tempting to take a nice hot bath after a day frolicking in the snow, you must ignore this urge. Never shower, bathe, or wash your face and body with very hot water because it can lead to capillary damage and a break down of the skin’s natural lipid barrier resulting in dehydrated skin. Meaning you’ll end up with dry and irritated skin (not what we want)!

2. Ditch Soap

winter skin tips_ditch soap_organic shower gelSoap is particularly harsh on skin, often leaving it feeling taut and dried out. Often these soaps contain unwanted chemicals, fragrances, and colors and dyes that over time will hurt your skin’s health. So what do you do? Ditch your soap and pick up organic/natural shower cleansing products. The organic ingredients made from essential oils and botanical plants will perfectly nourish your skin, leaving it with that silky smooth feeling.

3. Hydration is Everything

winter skin tips_hydrationGrab your favorite reusable water bottle and fill that baby up! While we often remember to hydrate our skin externally, it’s just as important if not more to hydrate our skin from within. Even consider adding flaxseed and fish oils in to your diet as another layer of defense against drying and aging skin.

4. Invest in an Organic Moisturizer

winter skin tips_Eavara moisturizerAs we age, the drying nature of winter’s air becomes more tricky to fight. Applying our age defying moisturizer both in the morning and at night is a great way to protect and hydrate skin from constant attacks from freezing winds. Ingredients like Shea butter, avocado oil, and Kukui nut oil infuse high doses of pure nourishment, naturally. Its sweet aroma of Plumeria is pretty delectable as well!

5. Bring Nature to You

Winter skin tips_succulentsDay and night both central heating and air conditioning units are blasting us with hot and cool air, contributing to your skin’s dryness. Invest in a humidifier for your home and office, and pick up a plant or two as well because they help offset moisture loss from the air.

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